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It was time to go shopping for a wig!


I wanted to go before I lost my hair so that I had the opportunity to not rush the process. I went to a store in Denver, Wigs Today, that specializes in every shape, color, and texture wig. 

I went in on a Saturday and it was packed to the hilt! There were people there to purchase wigs like me due to chemotherapy or alopecia, and there were a quite few people there to buy wigs just because it was fun, and because they enjoyed wearing something different. I didn’t realize what a popular accessory wigs were until that day. Now I see them everywhere!

Several of us started to chat. I met another woman who lived in southern Colorado that also had triple negative breast cancer with a similar timeline of diagnosis. Despite being there for difficult reasons, the shop felt like a place of community. I walked along, looking at the different options and was excited to try some things on. I decided to go with a real hair wig and a color that was similar to my own.


The owner and staff were incredible. As soon as they knew why I was there, they knew just the questions to ask with compassion. It was another important moment in my journey where I was treated with dignity.


Overall, the experience was uplifting and sometimes even funny. I ultimately settled on a 14 inch wig, and have been very happy with my decision. It gives me enough length to curl it and put it back while also not feeling overwhelmed by too much hair.

Having the wig before my hair fell out, even briefly, helped my daughters with the transition. They could see the wig, try it on themselves, feel it, and play with it before my hair was gone. I don’t wear my wig all the time, but I like being able to decide if I want to or not.

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