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Helping Your Loved One Recover Post Surgery

Having a clean, calm place ready for your loved one to come home from the hospital makes all the difference.

It can be overwhelming to know what to think about or have ready before the surgery to make the recovery process as smooth as possible.

If you are a caregiver, I’ve developed a list of things to consider to help you get set up for recovery.


Be sure that your loved one has: 

  • Clean bedding and blankets.

  • A variety of pillow sizes and options to choose from as they figure out what combo works best for them.

  • A shower with a bench (a portable stool works great too). And, if available, a shower system with a removable head. This works well to wash hair and the body without getting stitches and chest area fully immersed. A large cup for pouring is a great alternative. 

  • A medicine setup and a medicine tracker to keep a record of what meds are given and when.

  • Little “creature comforts;" special little touches that are not necessary for physical healing but create a calming, loving environment. Think of the little things they love and try to build them into their day- special treats and activities such as puzzles, favorite food, magazines, flowers, and cards. 

  • Physical affection. Examples include rubbing your loved one's feet and legs with a nice-smelling lotion, and gently massaging their arms if comfortable.

In addition, help your loved one make sure they have: 

  • A plan for meals in the days/weeks to come.

  • A routine for any children in the home.

  • A recliner or elevated place for the patient to be during the day and a comfortable place to rest at night. 

  • A point of contact and process to schedule visiting guests (with loved one's approval) and ensure that the visits are not long. 


These items can be a game-changer to allow your loved one to focus on themselves and their healing.

Do you have a suggestion that would be great to add to the list? Please send us a message!

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