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Facing chemotherapy can feel like navigating uncharted waters, especially when it comes to managing hydration, organizing treatment schedules, and finding the right products to support your body through the process.


I'm a proud sister, because I get to share all about my brother's revolutionary hydration product,

SWORD, and how it made all the difference in my chemo treatments and recovery.

Shawn's Background & the Birth of SWORD

Before diving into the specifics of SWORD, let me share a bit about its origins.


Shawn, my brother, attended the University of Kentucky's College of Medicine, where the idea for SWORD first took shape. His lab was chosen for a Human Research Trial to create a way to decrease muscle fatigue in cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy.


They conducted a study exploring different supplements and hydration techniques

to improve muscle function and reduce fatigue during chemo.

The study highlighted the critical role of proper hydration in helping patients clear chemotherapy drugs from their systems and support muscle function.


Taking these findings to heart, Shawn and his team developed the core components of SWORD, a hyperhydration product designed to actively push fluid and electrolytes into the bloodstream, akin to an IV without a needle.

How SWORD Helps

SWORD offers a two-fold approach to hydration...

1: Rapid replenishment of circulating blood volume without upsetting the stomach

2: A time-release carbohydrate energy source for sustained energy.


This unique combination not only prepares the body's physiology for the challenges of chemotherapy but also helps flush out drugs post-treatment, reducing recovery time and fatigue.


Research indicates that exposure to chemo drugs weakens the diaphragm and suppresses muscle force, leading to quicker fatigue. SWORD addresses these concerns by providing essential hydration and nutrients to support muscle function and recovery.

SWORD vs. Other Hydration Solutions

What sets SWORD apart from other hydration products is its simplicity, cleanliness, and scientific foundation.


Unlike lifestyle beverages prioritizing taste over function, SWORD is specifically formulated to drive fluid replenishment and support the body's physiology during challenging situations.


SWORD's classification as a medical device underscores its effectiveness and safety.

With no chemicals or additives, it's suitable for individuals undergoing chemotherapy, pregnant or nursing mothers, or those taking other medications.


Its natural, subdued flavors make it palatable for a wide range of preferences.


I've personally used SWORD through both of my pregnancies, labor and deliveries, active cancer treatment, surgeries, and on days when I need a hydration boost. It's got a light, refreshing taste that isn't too sweet and doesn't leave a strong aftertaste.

As always, double-check anything new to your chemo days with healthcare professionals.

I ran SWORD by my team, and they gave me the green light.

They were thrilled with how well I remained hydrated throughout my 16 rounds of treatment,

never needing additional fluids.

Chemotherapy may present numerous challenges, but by prioritizing hydration, you can support your body's resilience and well-being throughout treatment and beyond. Creating a simple timeline for treatment days, like the one I used, can help streamline the process and alleviate some of the cognitive burden associated with treatment.


Check out my post "My Chemo Hydration Plan" for a breakdown of the tailored hydration plan my brother made for me to crush chemo.


You can use it too! 

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