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There are so many ways to prepare for infusion day, and one essential is bringing a bag that holds all of the key things you’ll need while you’re there. Chemo bags vary based on needs and length of stay, but I wanted to share with you what’s been in my bag during my infusions. 


Personalized blanket


Our infusion room offers heated blankets, but I like to bring my own personalized blanket. It’s lightweight and has pictures of my family and motivational quotes that I was given as a gift. This helps me stay positive and motivated even on the hard days.



Hydration is critical during and after active infusions. I bring SWORD hydration with me and drink it throughout my sessions. It’s an electrolyte drink that stabilizes my blood sugar and helps me flush out the chemicals ASAP. 




I continued to work full-time, so I often used that time to catch up on emails or tackle a project that required a quiet space. I fully recognize that I’m the exception, not the norm and that working is the last thing that most people want to do during treatment. I often see a lot of fellow patients coloring in some fantastic coloring books, knitting, or sleeping. However, for me, it has been one little way to keep some normalcy during a really bizarre time. As I moved into Taxol, I used cryotherapy mittens and socks, so I didn't have access to my hands. I moved into podcasts and other meditation practices during that time.


Chapstick & Lotion!


Maybe it’s just me, or maybe it’s just the Colorado dryness, but I am constantly using lip balm during chemo. Your skin can feel dry in the infusion room, so bring along some comforting lotions for your hands. 




The pre-meds include steroids, which make you very hungry. I am always snacking my way through infusion. I try to bring healthy items whenever possible. I like bringing nut and fruit mixes, apples, granola bars, and occasionally Cheez-Its. 😁


A loved one!


OK, so this isn’t something that goes directly in the bag, but having a companion during the sessions makes all the difference! 

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