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I grew up moving around the United States for my dad’s job, finding friends and adventures from coast to coast in the United States. My dad and mom both work in medicine. My dad is a perfusionist, working the open-heart bypass machine during open-heart surgery, and my mom is a nurse.

My brother and I were very close growing up, especially with us moving so much. My brother has since grown up to be a successful entrepreneur and has developed a hydration product that has origins in supporting patients through chemotherapy. 


I received my bachelor's and master's degrees from the University of Connecticut. After graduating UConn in 2007, I moved to Lexington, Kentucky, to start my teaching career. Shortly after, I moved to Charlotte, North Carolina, and got engaged to my now husband Bill, who worked for the NBA then. I became passionate about teacher education and how the training teachers receive greatly impacts the access and opportunities that students have in the classroom.


In 2010 we moved to Colorado and I began a doctoral program. I received my doctorate in Literacy Studies and Research on Teaching and Teacher Education in 2016. I am now an Assistant Teaching Professor and Director of Teacher Education at the University of Colorado Boulder where I strive to impact the field of education through scholarship, teaching, and advocacy efforts alongside colleagues and lawmakers across the state of Colorado. 


We live in Boulder, Colorado with our two daughters, ages 4 and 9. Bill is an Assistant Coach for the CU men’s basketball team and Buffs basketball is a huge part of our lives.

I love all things performing arts. You'll find me singing in the car, writing poetry, making reels, and dancing in the kitchen... all my outlets with a busy, young family. I love to cook and spend quality time with friends and loved ones, and I organize and create systems in my house that make life run more smoothly. I have also been highly intuitive since childhood and have been developing my intuitive healing and reading skills. I hope to expand this knowledge by having others tap into their intuitive knowingness and support their healing. 

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